Friday, June 4, 2010

Love Letter.

My Mia,

It holds true that throughout your life many people that have gotten close to you have called you, “Their Mia” but I know that the day I called you out of darkness, you knew right then that you were never any one else’s, but mine. This truth can get tossed around in the pulling complexities of this world, so I want to tell you again My Mia, you are mine.

I hold your precious heart in the very palm of my hand, and in every breath you breathe- I am found. I am life. Do not lose sight of this Mia, when your mind is heavy with burdens. It is in these times that I not only want to hold your heart, but I want you to give me these burdens.. I have the power to carry them all. In your weakness, you will see my strength, casting out all of the cares that you were never meant to hold.

You sometimes ask me why I didn’t call you sooner, and why I didn’t turn your eyes from what you should have never seen. Do you remember the moment you first gazed into my eyes, felt my Grace lift you from every hurt that subsided deep within your soul? I didn’t save you sooner because my timing is perfect Mia, and although you heard me knocking long before this day- it was then that your walls began to crumble and my love was able to rest where your walls once stood. This was so very pleasing to me. I am pleased with you.

My dear, I don’t care where you’ve fallen, or where you have been -this love I give you will never forsake you, and it never ends. It fills the holes that you spent your life filling with emptiness and lies. It’s in between and underneath every fear that crosses your worried mind.

I know what you go through, and the struggles that you face but please trust in the promises that I have set before you. I know the Spirit I have given you Mia, and I know how I want you to use it. You can’t save those who rest heavy on your weary heart. I want you to take the pain that you feel for them, and give it to me. This is why I have blessed you with my gift of mercy. You feel very deeply Mia, and I know this. Please trust me, I know this. I did not create your mind to be able to understand all of these things, so as you sit and pour over the the broken and hurting souls you are grasping for answers that you simply cannot attain, my love. If you could see it all layed out before you, the beauty of our relationship would be severed. For it is by faith that you know me and have been saved Mia.. I want you to have faith that the people you lift up into my arms in prayer WILL meet me someday, but I need you to remember - It is MY timing. And my timing is perfect.

I know you long to strive for my approval, but within approval lies boundaries, and my love has none. You stand approved my child, for my Son has stood in the place of your shame. He stood under the weight of the mistakes that you long to make right. It is done my daughter, it is done. I also know that your mind tricks you into thinking that perfection must come, but I’m telling you now Mia, it has already come. I am perfect, and I don’t expect you to be. I love every piece of You. There is nothing in this world that can take you from my presence, for it is eternal. And I want every piece of you with me in eternity. And I laugh whenever you think about putting those running shoes on .. my dear, I’m changing all of that. This relationship is yours forever. And I won’t let you get away. I love you oh, too much.

I didn’t call you sooner, because you now realize the depth of my Grace. I speak to you through my Word, and it tells you that those who have been forgiven much - love much. You know from what you’re forgiven, and the love you feel for those I place in your path is from me. I want you to show them this love. It extends further than the eye can see, and deeper than the mind can grasp. I saved you because I love you. Be my hands, and be my feet - they were broken so that I may bring those who believe in my name into One Body.

What I speak to you in the night, I want you to speak in the day. Don’t be scared My Mia, it won’t always make sense to you. But my plan is perfect, and I want you to trust in this. Use the merciful and encouraging spirit that I placed inside of you, and don’t be scared to let people see who you are. Show them the love I am have shown you Mia, It’s ok. You WILL be rejected. But in these times, allow ME to pick you up.

And for the words you WILL fail to speak, I Already forgive you.

Surround your life with my face, and when you feel like I’m no where to be found - close your eyes and remember the words I first spoke to you. “Here I am.”

I love you more than you can see

I love you more than you can feel

I love you more than you touch

And the day I see you in heaven,

You will understand this.

Your Lord, Your God, forever.

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