Thursday, June 2, 2011


Among loose paper clips, old photos, and a little ornament that reads: "Jesus is my Christmas song,"
there was a note.

Stumbling upon it, I grew thankful in my decision to save most every piece of writing that I've ever penned. It's a wonderful gift to see growth, change, and life through words once written - some scribbled, some hand-crafted in calligraphied beauty.

Don't fret! Unlike many others in the past, this note was in fact delivered, but rewritten with the hand of a hopeful perfectionist (it's a hope felt loosely; for, I know that my war with perfection is a losing end. Jesus continues to stand in the gap for me on that one..)

In any case, I was placed next to Joe for just 4 simple hours of my life; a seat in the sky from Jersey to Phoenix.
Maybe in recounting the words placed on my heart for him,
it may just bless someone else needing to hear the same.

It's been a joy conversing with you today on the plane.

I suppose the only thing placed on my heart to leave you with has to do with letting go. Not letting go of intellect - for our minds are powerful tools that God has given us to use. However, He has also given us
a heart,
a soul,
a spirit;
his Spirit,
if we so choose.
Often times, the use of our intellect overshadows the need to use these also, as a means
to reason.

Come face to face with Him, Joe, and see what He has for you. Take all the brain power you have, and put it next to His - does it pale in comparison?
Sometimes all it takes is a quick look around; Outside of this airplane window I see the vast expanse of
and every piece inside of me, my mind included, is saying:
"if this is what my eyes CAN see.. imagine what they can't."

...Because then for just a simple moment I close them, and know; there must be a grandeur purpose in this grand design.

My heart screams, "In the end, what I can't see, is all that will remain!"
Not the images we see,
or better yet the images we cling to maintain.
The only thing left standing, and worth standing upon, is the Word.
Time is always of the essence my friend, and the most essential time is always now.

I know you've heard some of this before, but the reminder is here for the taking.
The bible rings out:
"He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men,"
Joe, He set eternity in your heart.

And so I come back again to letting go.

Jesus said, in order to find your life,
you must lose it.
Just let it go.

It was great meeting you, my friend.
I hope we meet again, maybe in another place.


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