Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Thirst To Be Quenched

This view.
How do you do it?
In Your infinite creativity
You gave me breath
and here you go
 taking it away.

And rightly so.

I've heard it said..
"The Lord 
and the Lord 
takes away."

This day
The magnificent view 
did just that. 

I thought we might reach the heavens;
as we climbed toward our destination
 -this flat rock above-
that hovered over the earth below.
I imagined us meeting Mufasa and Simba
This tiny Lion cub to follow his Father's steps
as King
I know this story well.

And so I thought of Your Son.
The One in whom all of Your Fullness
was glad to dwell.
The heart of a Great Father.

My lips grew parched as we continued on
and the last droplet of water nestled it's way
into my thirsty bones
with so much time to go

And again, I thought of Your Son.

I climbed these unknown heights 

on this unknown path
and I remembered Him washing 
a woman unclean
with water that he was sure 
would quench her every thirst.
A craving much deeper than 
the walls of her mouth 

He promised her in truth that as the water
from this well would quench her temporary thirst
there would again come a time 
in which she would be 
in need;
His Voice echoed through the cracks
of my dried lips:

"If anyone thirsts 
let him come to Me
and drink."

He offered the simplest
and gave the grandest.

My prayer in the desert was answered 
in the finding of
another great mystery of the most Creative One of all,
A mystery hidden between
my waterless lips
her dried soul
and his Great Promise.
Yes, a simple 
and yet life-saving 

So Come, Lord. 
Fill us to overflowing;
from the inside 

".. Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again

but whoever drinks the water I give him 
will never thirst 
Indeed the water I give them will become in them
a spring of water welling up to eternal life .."

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