Friday, November 5, 2010

The Hand Wave

As the man in front of me half turned around, hand slightly waved in the air, I was wondering why he would be waving to me.

I had just woken up from an hour long nap on my flight back to Phoenix, and was at the stage of just “coming to.” The jet engines drown out a lot of noise, but as I stared at him in the middle seat in front of me I could tell he was saying something. I leaned my head in to catch his words with my nearer ear..

“My son!”.. he said.

I did the same uncomfortable half body twist to catch a glimpse of the young man sitting directly behind me. His dark wavy hair caught my eye first, and I then noticed that his headphones, along with the faint jet engine roar, drown the hope of his dad catching his his attention.

“Would you like me to get him for you?” I leaned up and asked the father, still waking up.

He let out a huge grin, and nodded,


I turned around again, and waved toward the young boy; my hand more visible as I was seated a row closer.

“Your dad”, I said with a smile, so as not to alarm him, he’s trying to get your attention.

The boy popped up, and squirmed his way as high on his chair as he could. He caught his dad’s eye with a big smile, and the dad waved once more. His boy smiled ear-to-ear, and waved back.

We all resumed back to our original positions, and continued on where we had been. For me that meant pulling out my computer, to tell this story.


Because I found this fascinating.

I knew immediately that this seemingly ordinary situation was actually a representation of how God works in our lives.

We get distracted by the worlds headphones. These big earpieces weigh heavily on the gateway to our soul, blocking our ability to tune into the still small voice.

However, when the times comes in which we fall into the deep trance of the worlds music, He will use someone closer to us to come along and help tune us into the song of His voice.

Even if His message is as subtle as a hand wave, as to say;

“Hello child,

here I am.”


  1. :) as always, beautiful my dear! Your words always bring tears my eyes. I love your perspective. and I love you! :)

  2. I absolutely LOVE this! :)