Friday, August 10, 2012

Dear Assaulter

To you,

I didn't see you standing behind the debacle
yet this is always the stand that you take.

As sweat dripped down my brow and I shuffled for the right tune to set my pace,
I peered across the busy street and saw your handiwork. 

"The righteous are as bold as a lion." 
We both know this well. 

and so I ..
I sped faster than any tune I could have chosen to set this pace
The drumbeat of my heart was enough boom 
to keep me going.

I saw the face of innocence, tainted. 
Young life ripping at another out of a heart of anger, protection
and sadness 
and you,
you stood on the outskirts
loving the sight of hatred and fear
That is who you are.

This young life under your dominion, tainted.
I pulled her from the grasp she held on the other
like pulling teeth.
You're never satisfied
and this only satisfied 
your taste of dissatisfaction 
even more.

And so you came.

As your blow plowed heavily
I could still only think of the 
young lives you were infecting.
The yoke of your slavery upon them.
I wanted to tell you to keep making 
your assaults at me
just leave them alone.

I wanted to infect you 
so badly
with love
sweet, sweet, love
For I know this is the only infection 
that will cure you
I wanted to cry out in love to you
to make you see

but you
you are blind.

You screamed and you shouted, 
"How about again!"
"How about again!" 

My heart grieved over you.
I could only utter in my heart.

If only you could see that your power is weakness in disguise
for you hold none.
May I remind you?
"Be not afraid of those who kill the body, 
but cannot kill the soul." 
(Matthew 10:28)

Fear, my friend, fear.
Fear the One who has the power to throw both Body and Spirit 
into the depths of hell. 
For this is wisdom.

And so I Praise Him. 
Praise to the Glory of the One of whom I spoke 
the One that makes you shutter. 
You were silent..
But only until your defenses purged from you like a flood
claiming to know Him. 
A claim to be one who worships in truth
and yet you are the 
father of all lies

This age is blinded by your assaults upon it
young ones chase you 
not knowing
they are being hunted

But time is ticking
you know this full well

HE will come like a flood
HIS going out is as sure as the dawn
HE will come to us as the showers, 
as the spring rains that water the earth

HE will come

..and your assaults will be no more.


  1. Bone chilling. Especially when one knows the full story.

  2. Beautiful is the heart God has given my Mia. Love you and happy you're okay. - Christina