Wednesday, August 15, 2012


When I saw you
I wanted to hide you
as I do each time I see your 
little face

I wanted to cover your eyes
and your mind
and your heart
from this wicked 
wicked world.

But there you lay
and there I stand
as you feel every 
ounce of what 
you don't deserve

I'm so sorry..
and what this means 
is nothing at all
But, for what it's worth
I grieve with you
sweet child.

I said
there was nothing to comfort
the ailing within your saddened heart
but only to remind you 
that the very One who shaped it 
doesn't make mistakes

As droplets fell
slowly down your cheeks
I prayed that you would
forgive the wolf who got you here
and forgive the heavy hands 
that surround 

Just know 
sweet child
that there is One who is waiting 
to tuck you in
until the end of time
Yes, this is what you

And the one you bore 
is being held in His hands
of which 
there is no place greater

Close your eyes little one
Can you hear it?
The One who watches over you
both now and forevermore
is rejoicing over you
with sweet 

And His Kingdom is one of

the kind
that cannot be broken

So hold on
Just one more day

And if He gives you the gift 
of tomorrow
please say that you'll hold on
just one day more.